What is a 2 Inch Raised Toilet Seat & Which One Do You Need?

2 inch raised toilet seat

When you are extra tall in height some things are great like playing basketball and some other things can a chore.

Take going to the toilet.

The standard height for a toilet bowl is to low for a tall person so being able to have the seat that bit higher will help so much.

This is where a 2 inch raised toilet seat comes into it.

A 2 inch raised toilet seat helps with this distance from bending down to sitting on the seat that little bit easier. Buying a seat and installing it is pretty easy once you have been through the steps.

Which Seat To Get?

The first thing you are going to need to decide on is which seat to get.

There are quite a few different styles of seats on the market they range from the open front, portable and fully closed.

You can get them in a 2-inch rise up to 8 inches high. Special seats are used for special things like having a hip replacement there is a seat that helps while you recover from the operation.

You can get raised toilet seats with arms, without arms and fixed or removable arms. Some raised seats have under grips instead of exposed handles.

Remember the seats with arms will need more space around the toilet bowl to allow for the arms as they are a bit wider than normal seats.

The most common is a  2 inch raised toilet seat is just plain and simple.

It’s there for 1 purpose only to just raise the seat by 2 inches which is ideal for tall people.

They don’t have all the bells and whistles like other ones but they do the job.

Other flasher model seats are more designed for people that have maybe a disability or had surgery and need that extra arm supports as such.

Another thing you also want to look for is a seat that is easy to install with little effort and to clean.

A lot of seats are tool-free installation so they are the ones you want to look for.

Mind you if you get one that needs a tool it’s only a wrench or pliers and all it’s for is to hold the nut while you do up the bolt.

Most toilet seats are made from a polymer injected into a mold that is super strong and easy to clean. This polymer called ABS for short and makes the seat chemical and heat resistant.

leaning is simple as wiping down the seat with warm soapy water or using a cleaning agent providing you don’t use an abrasive pad.


As you can see there is a few things to think about before you purchase a new seat as once you brought have one most places have a no return policy.

Most manufacturers who make elevated seat risers will make them in different heights and standard heights are 2-6 inches rise.

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