Bio Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews For 2024 & Buyers Guide

Bio Bidet Reviews

Bio Bidet, which is located in Crytal Lake, Illinois, has been producing the perfect seat for your butt now for over a decade and today they are the U.S industry leader in doing so.

Offering high-quality products made by using the highest quality materials available bio bidet is producing a seat that you will love.

or all you are bound to find a seat to suit your needs from out of their Premier, Luxury or Economy class ranges

All through the years, the company has served several types of customers, but its focus, and especially as far as bidet seats are of concern, has remained focus on residential consumers.

In the product range, you have a choice from 15 different electric seats and 6 non-electric bidet toilet seats and attachments.

If you landed on this page and was looking for the best bidet toilet seats there you will find our top choice for the year 2024

These come with different features and capabilities, and they also have their own prices and quality points.

Some of the most unique features of Bio Bidet’s toilet seats include Automatic power save, Patent pending Hydro-Flush, and of course, heated water, heated seat, warm air dryer as you would expect and all with a simple to follow DIY installation guide.

If you’re in a hurry and want to just see our top choice which is the bio bidet Bliss BB-2000 bidet toilet seat. We’ve been using for quite a while now and the misses and I are more than happy with the results and it’s performance.

What to Expect

The sturdy build is one of those things you can and should expect from any of bio bidet’s product and their bidet seats are no different.

You can anticipate a full range to pick from, and you will need to be certain of what you want in terms of the features you want and of course your budget.

They are all designed to have the basic features and to serve the main purpose they are designed for. Being a toilet seat but with may more added bonuses.

The warranty does variate depending on the class of seat you purchase ranging from one year to three years like the Bio Bidet BLISS BB-2000.

By the time the warranty lapses, you will have seen a good return from your investment.

Bio bidet stands behind their products 100% as you would expect and their motto is “Were not happy until you are”. The customer service is always there to listen to you and if any problems to work out a happy solution for everyone.

Its quite a relief to be treated as a customer and not just a number.

The best part is Bio Bidet has a home right here in the U.S.A supporting locals and employing locals.

They have 6 main selling bidets that we have reviewed each one of them where you can see below which they are.

Comparison Table/Summary


Bio Bidet bb 600

Bio bidet number 1 best selling and our top choice is the bb 600 ultimate advanced bidet seat. It’s not there lavished model, not the most expensive but for value for money we love it and you are about to find out why too.

From its luxury features and is sleek smooth looking contours you can easily misplace this seat as a high-end ticketed seat.

bb600 ulitmate best price amazonComprising of all the best features needed in a bidet seat like; Adjustable heated seat and water to suit your comfort and personal likings and once the wash is completed a nice warm air dryer to finish it off.

Equipped to having front and rear warm water cleansing, while using the latest anti-bacterial materials to give you the highest quality hygienic toilet.

Once the wash starts just press a button to control the pressure and warmth from the convenient side panel, just select the best temp for you, adjust the nozzle position and the water pressure with the touch of a button.

Massage and oscillating modes are also available to enhance your cleansing experience.

Going by the reviews that this product has, the bb600 bio bidet toilet seat will be staying among the best for a very long time. Furthermore, at the rate it is now, which is the cheapest its ever been, you’ll save a ton of cash.  Just make sure to click the link below for the best savings.


  • Warm water cleanses heated seat and air dry.
  • The slow closing lid and seat.
  • Easy DIY install to save more money


  • Limited warm water to tank size.


Biobidet bliss bb2000 Bidet Toilet Seat

Ranking high on the charts as being one of the best higher-end bidet seats it the bio bidet bb 2000. It is one of Bio Bidet’s premier seats.

BioBidet Bliss BB 2000 best priceThe new bliss advanced bb 2000 have added everything you want in this premier class seat. The newly designed seat looks and feels the part that will fit and modern bathroom decor. Combining the modern new look with the latest cutting edge bidet technology the bb 2000 has raised the bar in quality and standards.

In fact, the combination of these newly designed features and the look of highly luxurious pearlescent finish to the seat has proven to be so welcomed in the market, that it has become Bio Bidet’s best selling bidet seat in their premier range.

Bio Bidet consistently outperforms competitors as one of the best, thanks to its outstanding effects, affordable price point.

In fact, for the quality level it provides, we feel that the bio bidet bb 2000 is the best value for your money.


  • Night light.
  • Touch screen panel (BB-2000).
  • A generous 3-year warranty.
  • Automatic power save


  • Water pressure not as strong as the bb1000.


BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Toilet Seat 

In the reviews of the best bidet toilet seats, bio bidet supreme bb 1000 is a winner, with the combination of being the best seat with enema function, wireless remote control, and its luxury convenient features.

It is a hit with those who have few extra dollars to spare and want those extra features. Before the bb 2000 was introduced the bb1000 was the benchmark for all others to compete against.

Globally loved and admired the bb 1000 offers you luxury features at the best possible price.

BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 best priceThe Bio bidet Supreme BB-1000 is fully featured with a convenient wireless remote, ambient temperature heated seat, soothing warm water wash, and exclusive technologies such as the 3-in-1 nozzle system and the patented Enema wash.

Being one of Bio Bidet’s most popular seats the supreme bb1000 due to its quality built, the affordability with its high-end features at mid-level cost and the performance in giving you the best cleansing experiences.

We highly recommend checking it out if you are in the market with a seat that has a control pad system and not a control arm attached to the seat.

Provides independent living for those who struggle with the old conventional ways of wiping, now can all be down with a simple press of a button.

This seat is a must if you want luxury convenience at mid-level costings.


  • Wireless remote control
  • Currently best seat for enema wash.
  • Powerful deodorizer.


  • Limited heated water supply.


Bio Bidet Slim Two Smart Toilet Seat

One of the later additions to bio’s range is the bio bidet slim two. If you are looking for a smart and elegant looking seat to upgrade your home and bathroom and with smart technology, then this seat is for you.

If you want the full-on experience of what a bidet can offer this will give it to you. Adjustable heated seat, warm water, glowing night light, constructed from the highest quality material stainless steel where possible.

Bio Bidet Slim Two Smart Toilet Seat lowest priceAll the features are operated easily with its easy-to-use wireless remote control.

The new Bio Bidet Slim Two Smart Toilet Seat smart seats come with the new improved fusion water heating technology. This smart feature allows you to have more control over your wash temperature from the start alway the way to the finish.

You will also get self-cleaning 3 in 1 nozzle function to provide you with the best posterior wash, feminine wash or bio bidets effective turbo wash.

To be able to adjust the water pressure allows you to change the cleanse from a soft sitz bath to a more focused turbo wash.

So you don’t miss a spot, the oscillation nozzle will give you a wide berth to hit every spot all with just a press of a button.


  • Adjustable heated seat.
  • Night light & slow closing seat and lid
  • Intelligent body sensor.


  • Limited 1 year warranty.

Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat

This is another great choice for the budget consious looking for a entry level bidet toilet seat which is the bio bidet slim one bidet toilet seat

Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat best priceHaving most of the same features as the Bio Bidet Slim Two Smart Toilet Seat, but it has a fixed control arm instead of the wireless remote control.

If you liked the looks and features of the slim 2 seat but you want something bit cheaper, and without a wireless remote control to lose then this is worth a look.

This seat has few fewer features over the slim two and the main one you will notice is the control arm on the side of the seat.

The slim 2 has a wireless remote control but the seat does give you some great features and a fantastic price!



  • Quick-release for easy cleaning.
  • Night light & slow closing seat, lid.
  • Convenient side panel.


  • Has NO air dryer.

Bio Bidet USPA6800

This seat is Bio’s latest addition to their range of bidet seats.


Our top choice which is Bio bidet’s bb 600 advanced ultimate toilet seat is really the first bidet seat that you should want to take a look at.

It will give you everything you need in a luxury bidet and at a fantastic price, and for most people, this will be sufficient for most people in the way of major features and comforts.

Maybe the only downside to some is having an attached control arm over having a wireless remote control. They both have there good and bad points.

If you don’t care about a remote control then is by far our best choice is the bb-600. If needing the remote you can’t go past the bb 2000 if you want that bit more luxury or the bb 1000.

The Brondell Swash 1400 by Brondell is worth looking at. On par with the BB-2000 very similar features and well priced if you’re looking at that quality price range seat.

Make sure that you click the link below to check out our top choice where you will be able to see the full product page and also read the customer reviews to see what people are saying:

bio bidet bb-2000