3 Things To look For In A Electric Bidet Toilet Seat To Help You Buy Better…

Before you go out and buy your new electric bidet toilet seat there are few things you need to consider and think about before you go and drop a dime on one.

I have put together a few things you need to ask your self or look at

3 Things To Look For In A Electric Bidet Toilet Seat:

Whether you are new to the concept of bidet toilet seats and looking to buy your first, or thinking of upgrading and not sure what to start looking for in a seat.

Do you need one that has carries the feminine wash sequence or if you are a

Round Or Elongated

Ok, straight up you need to know what type of bidet seat you need.

Depending on brand some only make round seats where others only make elongated toilet seats.

So nothing worse after all the research, you choose the ultimate seat you want but then find out they don’t make one that suits your toilet bowl.

If you are not sure what type of seat you need either round or elongated you can use this guide here. It will tell and show you have to measure a toilet seat.

Once you know that then the next step is the price point.


The budget is another consideration. Lower end electric bidet seats start at around $100 up to and beyond the $1000 mark. Yep, that is just for a bidet toilet seat, and I know what you’re thinking too. But they do have a heated seat and hot water which is great for the winter times that’s for sure.

So pricing does have to come into it unless money is no object and you want the best of the best.

Like most things the dearer the product the more features you get like a heated seat, warm air dry, higher grade quality, service, and support.

I do believe you get what you pay for but in saying that I can’t see how a $2000 bidet toilet seat is going to cleanse and wash my ass any better than $3 or 500 dollar one.

True I can only go by those who own a high-end luxury $2000 dollar bidet seat and what they say.

We can be here all day talking and fighting over the price point. Just make sure you are happy with what you want to spend.

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Now we come down to personal choices in what you want and need in a bidet electric seat.

Do you want one with a nice soft closing lid and seat (recommended) or one that slams causing the seat to crack and break over time (not recommended)?

If you live in the tropics where it’s warm all year round, do you really need an electric bidet seat warmer included? When will you need a warm seat?

Another feature to look at is if you want remote control, with or without air dryer, warm water pressure cleansing that is adjustable to suit your needs. These are just a few things to look at.

Well, I hope this post has helped to answer some questions you may have had when looking for the best bidet toilet seat.

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