Toto C100 Washlet vs Toto C200 Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat – Whats The Difference?

The great debate…Toto c100 vs c200.

On this page, we going to go over two of Toto’s best-selling bidet seats, dice them both up, and see what is really the difference between the two besides the price point.

The two seats that are in question are the Toto C100 washlet and the Toto C200 washlet. The short answer to this question is regarding whichever seat you purchase you will get a brilliant bidet seat either way.

We will give you a side by side compassion so you can see the differences between them and give you our thoughts both the pros and cons of each seat.

We will split the seats up into the features, price and give you the star ratings that other customers who have purchased have left on

Our aim is to give you the best and latest information so that you can make a better buy decision when you purchase your new seat.

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Which Is The Best Out Of The Toto C100 And C200 Bidet Toilet Seats

These two seats are very much similar in appearance and style. The differences that single them apart are as follows.

If you care about these things it can be the way you choose your seat. If you are just after pure value for money and a product that will do the job, out top recommended seat is the Toto washlet c100 of choice.

Compared next to each other looking at them the most noticeable part is the c100 has the control arm where the Toto washlet c200 has a remote control. There are of course for and against for both and it really does come down to personal choice.

A good reason having a remote control is that it is a good alternative for those who have limited mobility in arms or hands as the control arm on the c100 is fixed to the right side.

Where having fixed control on the side eliminates losing or dropping the remote control running the risk of breaking or if very unlucky dropping into the toilet bowl water.

You can see the differences below.

toto c100 vs c200

The c200 comes with another feature that the c100 doesn’t have and that is the pulsating cleanse.

The pulsating cleanse gives bursts instead of a spray which is quite useful when the time comes and you need a bit more oomph than just a spray to cleanse with.

If you feel you care for that feature then the C200 will be your choice of preferences over the c100.

The next feature that the c200 has over its little brother is the ability to store your wash settings where the c100 doesn’t have this capability. It is something to think about when making the final decision.

The c200, however, does store this information so once you have set the wand position, water pressure and water temperature you won’t have to worry about them again. It does store up to two settings

It’s a handy feature, so bear it in mind.

The last and final difference is water temperature.

The C100 has a lower minimum temperature over the Toto washlet c200. It isn’t a lot but it can make a difference if you want or need a lower temp.

The c100 minimum temperature is 86°F/30˚C and 95°F/35˚C for the C200.

The maximum temp for both is the same which tops out at 104˚F/40˚C.

If you think that a lower temperature will suit better then the Toto Washlet C100 electronic bidet toilet seat is the one for you.

SeatToto Washlet C100Toto Washlet C200
Rear sprayYY
Soft Rear sprayYY
Front sprayYY
Oscillating cleansingYY
Pulsating cleansingNY
Wand position adjustmentYY
Water pressure adjustmentYY
Warm air dryingYY
Heated seatYY
Energy SaverYY
User (two) setting lockNY
Water temperature (Min)86°F/30°C95°F/35°C
Water temperature (Max)104˚F/40˚C104˚F/40˚C
Best Pricewashlet c200 best price bidet seat

The Verdict:

To wrap it all up and bring all together and give you a simple answer think about these few things when deciding on the best-suited electronic bidet toilet seat for you.

Go for the Toto Washlet C100 bidet toilet seat if you're searching for a seat that will give you all the main best features that a bidet toilet seat needs to have and is suited for those who like to keep things basic and simple.

Great value for the money, has everything you need and suitable for pretty much anyone! Not only that. At the time of writing this article, it is also Amazon's #1 best seller bidet toilet seat.

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You should go for the Toto Washlet C200 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat if you want a classier seat that has those extra features that were outlined above and want the remote control than the warmer water plus the pulsating cleanse.

Apart from those few things you are pretty much getting the same seat but you are paying a few extra dollars for those little pleasures.


At the end of the day, they are both very good products and you will be happy whichever way you choose to go.

If you are looking for a more high-end luxury seat you can read more reviews on the best bidet toilet seats homepage.