TOTO SW2044#01 C200 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with PREMIST and SoftClose Lid

If you’re looking at getting the Toto Washlet C200… then this review is just for you.

This model of the Toto Washlet range the C200 electronic bidet toilet seat has a nice function called the PREMIST and I will explain what that is soon.

This review, we will run you through the features of the seat and take a look at the reviews of customers that have purchased and see what their true opinions are both good and bad.

I will run through what you exactly get in the box, tell you the pros and cons and of course where you can purchase the seat from.

For the record, I’ve been using the Bio Bidet BB-2000 bidet toilet seat for quite a while now and I am more than happy with the performance and quality.

You can get a full overview on the Bio Bidet BB-200o by clicking on the link below…

Here are the main features of the Toto Washlet c200 bidet toilet seat:

  • Front and rear warm water cleanse with five adjustable temperature and pressure settings
  • Premist- using incoming water supply, a misting of the toilet bowl is performed before each use to help prevent waste from adhering
  • Designed with a heated seat, warm air dryer, and automatic air deodorizer for added comfort
  • Self-cleaning wand. The wand is automatically cleaned before and after use
  • Remote control operated with easy to read, illuminated touchpad, and 2 user memory settings

My Toto Premist Washlet C200 Review: Is It The Best Electric Bidet Toilet Seat?

Once upon a time in a far far away land when we went to the toilet, it was a mundane trip, right?

Well not anymore…

The Toto washlet c200 is a luxury electronic bidet toilet seat that cleanses ya personal bits with warm water. There are 5 different temperatures and water pressure setting to suit your own liking.

Unlike when using toilet paper which can be rough, ineffective at times and painful too even. Cast back to that day when you last had the runs, remember?

Well with the c200 washlet provides a nice warm comfortable water cleanse at a push of a button.

The sw2040 Washlet has both front and rear warm water cleanse wands that are self-cleaning before and after your cleansing.

C200 WASHLET model was specifically designed to enhance cleanliness and provide the ultimate in comfort.

Designed and created with the highest quality materials to ensure that it’s durable and longevity to you is assured.

Easy to install should on average take around 30 minutes max for the average DIY’er. It comes with all parts and attachments for a complete and easy install.

You may need extension lead for power if you don’t have power close to your toilet now.

The luxury of the Toto Washlet c200

Comes with a remote control so you can either have it hand-held or mount it to the wall and you can set it to have your very own cleansing settings programmed in.

For those winter days and nights, this electronic bidet toilet seat comes with a heated seat for ultimate comfort and Non-slamming soft close toilet seat and lid.

What is PREMIST & what does that have to do with the Toto washlet c200 toilet seat?

toto washlet c200I like the idea for sure. We’re all guilty of em…yep Skidmarks.

Well, what the premist does is it spays a mist inside the toilet bowl area before each use. This creates a slick surface area helping to prevent waste “skiddies” sticking to the bowl. Saves on cleaning time too☺.


toto washlet c200 elongated toilet seatAir Deodorizer and Dryer

  • Premium features help create a more pleasant and hands-free experience for users.
  • The automatic air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors by using powerful filters and effectively cleaning the air around the toilet.
  • Enjoy the ease and comfort of drying with the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer.

The TOTO SW2044#01 C200 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with PREMIST and SoftClose Lid comes in two models. Round and elongated. Below are the dimensions and how to measure your toilet to see which you need.

Toto Bidet c200 elongated

For those who need around toilet seat, hate to say it I’m sorry. They are currently unavailable and as soon as I find out if or when they come back I will post it on here so make sure you keep checking back over time for updates.

Pros and cons of the Toto washlet c200 elongated sw2044 01:

To be honest I didn’t really find to much wrong with the washlet c200 by Toto. Here are few things I would like to have included:

  • Installation instructions are pretty average and the print could be bit bigger
  • According to some reviews if you need tech support it’s like a waste of time, so sad
  • The spay is a bit to jet-like, but I’m sure they have adjusted this now on new models.

Other than that i”m pretty happy with the reviews and results of the washlet c200.

Customer Opinion Of The Toto c200 Bidet Toilet Seat:

The overall customer opinion of the washlet c200 bidet toilet seat is great. With 350+ reviews on with mainly 4 and a 5-star rating, I think this is a good choice.

There are a few bad reviews and they all seemed to around tech support or missing parts. Overall we don’t think you should worry about a few bad reviews as overall it has a 4.1-star rating.

Toto Washlet Deodorizer Replacement

One of many features you will find on good higher-end bidet seats is having an automatic air deodorizer. These so-called deodorizers don’t make the place smell pretty and mask it up with say the likes of apple or lavender scent.

No, what they do is remove the smell through a carbon cartridge that is tucked up out of the way. On the right-hand side as you are looking at the toilet seat mounted to your toilet, there will be a little vent looking thing. See image below

Just push the little button in the center bottom of the vent and it will pop out. remove the old carbon filter and replace it with the new. Just reverse the sequence from removing it and the job is done.


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