Best Alternative To Smartbidet sb-2000

If the seat you are using right now isn’t giving you the satisfaction of a good cleanse or maybe you just want to simply upgrade to a better bidet seat.

Do you find that the controls are to close and hard to read when sitting down and operate?

These are just a few reasons for what I have come across from my customers after asking why they are replacing their seats.

Hi, there my name is Jason, married father of 3 kids and a plumber for over 20 years.

Regardless of the reasoning of why you are looking for a better alternative to your Smartbidet sb-2000 for around the same costs and have seen great results, the Bio Bidet BB600 has been a great alternative.

Being around the same price point, just about most seats of this price have the same features as tank water, heated seats. What I like about the bb600 is that it is built right here in the USA.

And as you know, one of the main faults that your sb 2000 has is the water connections leaking and fail.

Bio uses current plumbing connections and parts to suit our standards.

The bio bidet ultimate bb 600 carries must the same features as your sb-2000, tank filled heated water which at times is never enough to complete a full cleanse. Heated seat and warm air dryer.

There are more than 1000 reviews on alone and with an average of 4.5-star rating at the time of writing and with over 903 positive reviews this seat makes it a great choice for a better alternative to the sb2000.

Another option is the Toto Washlet c100 with many similar features. The seat has good reviews and ratings but does carry the same problems of the water connections leaking or not adapting to standard plumbing fittings.

Also, the seat is made overseas not like the bio bidet where the main office is in Crytal Lake, Illinois.

What limits these seats is having the control arm permanently mounted to the side of the seat. As you know this limits movement and the annoyance of reaching back to adjust the settings when needed.

If you find you don’t get enough water on the cleanse or just want that more luxury then maybe you be suited with the Bio Bidet Bliss bb-2000 bidet toilet seat.

The bb2000 is designed for more for higher-end luxury with extra added features.

Here are a few things about Bio Bidet BB2000 Bliss:

  • Things like having continues warm water heating so running out of water won’t be a problem anymore.
  • This will almost fully eliminate the use of any toilet paper and can save you hundreds of dollars over the years.
  • If you didn’t feel like there was enough room between the seat and the control arm on your sb-2000 smart bidet seat, the bio bb2000 comes with its very wireless remote control.
  • No reaching back to the side fighting with the controls adjusting the water temp or pressure.
  • With the remote settings, once adjusted and set, they remain saved to your own personal likings and settings.


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