Do Not Read This Unless You Are Frustrated As Hell From Consistently Breaking Toilet Seats

Hey, If you are sick and tired of replacing broken toilet seats.

Wasting money on a so-called heavy-duty crap seat that you already know its going to break sooner rather than later just by the feel then listen in.

Here is what I have found from many of my customers who have solved this problem and I’m sure it will help with yours and you can do starting today…

Best Heavy Duty Toilet Seat For Large Or Obese PersonHi there, my name is Jason, a plumber for over 20 years and I want to tell you about a good friend of my moms and a neighbor of 2 doors down the street.

My Mom still lives in the same street where she had us kids growing up and there are only just a hand full left of the original hood, and those who are, are aging fast and moving on to the next life.

Every day either my mom makes the trek couple doors up to see her for there chats and coffee, or Melva (that’s my mom’s best friend) makes the marathon trip 2 doors down to see her.

You see, for as long as I have ever known her Melva has always been a large woman and ever since her husband died she went through a bit of a rough patch there.

With her sluggish thyroid and a hormone condition. Both those things = shitty metabolism she has gotten much larger over the years.

Hey, every time you go there you get a cuppa and life stories of whats going on, that’s how I know about the thyroid thingy.


It was a Thursday morning around smoko time by memory and Melva had rung.

Ya gotta love caller ID.

I answered it like normal, like hey Mel hows things and that was when I can hear it in her voice. Jas she said, can you pop over and fix my toilet seat, I just broke it.

I said sure, be over in about an hrish, then hung up the phone.

When I got there you can tell she has been fighting with the tears, the redness and puffiness in the eyes is always a giveaway.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to replace the seat over the years but it is the first time doing 2 in the month and this makes number 3.

After arriving and comforting her for a bit, with a cuppa coffee and a chat. I slipped down to my local plumbing shop, showed them the results of a heavy-duty week old seat.

As the seat is a replacement under warranty, I installed it and went on my way.

Later that night, after dinner and kids in bed and finally gone to bed.

I explained to the wife what had happened with the toilet seat at Melva’s place.

I told her how she was fighting back the tears when I arrived, and how upset she sounded on the phone when she rang.

Is it frustration, embarrassment, what I would think of her. I just didn’t know what do to about it and her.

Remember when I broke our toilet seat when I was pregnant with our last, I can only imagine how she feels as I was feeling pretty shit and demoralized then, my wife said.

That was when I got on to Google and to see what she had to say on the matter.

I typed in heavy-duty toilet seats and things like that, and pretty much they all kept on coming up with the same old seats we have tried over the years.

Best Heavy Duty Toilet Seat For Large Or Obese PersonIt wasn’t until a few days later, on a job repairing a water leak under the ensuite vanity when I noticed how different their toilet seat was.

Hey, I’m a plumber I notice things like that…

I checked it out and man is this seat built tuff.

It’s much wider than any heavy-duty toilet seat I’ve seen or installed before and you can just tell by looking it’s solid.

I asked the owner what the go with it is, and she explained her husband is a 6ft10″ and is a bodybuilder.

She went on saying he was always breaking normal and heavy-duty seats and because of his height, he can almost rest his head on his knees when he sits on the toilet.

So they needed also to get a seat that is raised, which I’m thinking this be ideal for Melve as she kept telling me things about it.

I was telling her about my mom’s friend and what has been going through with her dilemmas of toilet seats.

I reckon the extra height will be a good idea and helping her to get up and off the seat easier. She does have grab handles mounted on the wall but I reckon the extra height would help too.

I took a picture of the seat and the maker’s name on my phone so I can check them out later on.

That night I did some research and found the makers of the seat.

After going through and reading all about the different seats they have on offer

After bouncing a few emails back and forth with there support team, it all made sense.

Looking and reading at all the positive reviews, that was when I decided to order one an give it to Melva for ago.

That was 9 months ago and even still today she thanks me every time we catch up.

This is just one of many now that I have recommended this seat to and not one of them has had a problem with busting any more toilet seats to date.

Just picture being able to confidently go to the toilet, not worrying if the seat is going to break. The money and expense you will save from the call outs and replacement costs.

I’m not Alone Here’s What Others Are Saying About This Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

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