Types Of Toilet Seats-Which is the best for your throne

Types Of Toilet Seats

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Hi there and welcome to best toilet & bidet seat reviews.

My name is Jason and and in this post we’re going to take a look and a run through some of the most standard toilets seats on the market.

As you know there’s a crap load to choose from☺ when in the hunt for a new seat for the throne.

With so many choices, I’m going to give a run through on the most common seats, materials there made from and who most suited for.

Lets start off with shape.

There are three common shapes that toilet seats come in they are:

  • Round- Suites toilet bowl measurement from mounting hole to front 16″-17″
  • Elongated- Suites toilet bowl measurement from mounting hole to front 17″-18″
  • Open Front seats come in both round and elongated.
  • Below is more info on how to measure your toilet bowl.

What are toilet seats made from?

The four more common materials that standard toilet seats are made from are:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Polyresin
  • Porcelain

Most common seats will be made from either of those materials listed above. There is more details below on the materials they’re made from.

Once you’ve decided if your toilet needs a round, elongated seat and decided if want open front not not then the color.

I’m not going to get in to color and some companies only do white while others can have the entire rainbow. You will have to make that decision when you purchase if you have a choice of color.


Now days you have the option of a soft closing lid and seat or old standard slam me down lid and seat when in a hurry and busting☺.

As you can see there are many different factors to consider when choosing your next toilet seat.

Shape, mounting option, material and style are the main considerations for you next toilet seat change.

Whether you choose round or oval, plastic or wooden, your toilet seat should complement your bathroom decor.

Below is a guide on different one’s to get a bit of a idea what is out there on the market.

How To Measure For A Toilet Seat

There are two different toilet shapes to consider when looking.

Round and elongated toilet seats. Round toilet seats are standard in most homes and they’re the toilet seats you typically see most often.

Elongated toilet seats are becoming more popular as they have a long oval shape making more room for your hand to slide beside when wiping.

Before you go shopping for you new toilet seat best to find out if you have a round or elongated toilet bowl.

Check out the image below or click here and see how to measure your toilet seat

how to measure a toilet bowl

What Are Toilet Seats Made From?

Plastic Toilet Seats Most toilet seats are made of a high-impact plastic or a plastic coating over composite wood. These seats are available in white, black and pretty much just about every color of the rainbow.

Plastic toilet seats can be very cold in winter and they are more likely to split and tend to show marks from cleaning.

Solid And Molded Wood Seats Natural wood is warmer but it can be stained or damaged by many bathroom cleaners.

The seat is normally designed better then there counter plastics and are bit more durable.

Molded wood seats are durable due to its compression mold design and at the same time features a subtle style and elegance to the toilet.

This also makes it comfortable as it fits traditional toilets most households own.

Which is the best toilet seat to buy?

Everyone prefers their own specific toilet seat type based on their own experiences.

Some people like to have a heated, soft closure, heavy duty with child potty seat included while others like to run with specific brand of toilet seat.

You can buy cushioned toilet seats, wood finished, metal hinged, slow close, open front, you get the point. So which is the best toilet seat to buy? No perfect answer as you can see.

If looking for the best bidet toilet seat click here.

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Below is a outline of some different seats used for different reasons.

raised toilet seat

Raised Toilet Seats- It is a common misconception that only the elderly use raised toilet seats.

Many individuals with various disabilities and joint movement disability need raised toilet seats to help them.

Tall people also purchase these seats to help them install a toilet that is of perfect height.

People who have posture issues can also benefit from these seats to.

heated toilet seat

Heated Toilet Seats Many people like the fact that heated toilet seats give them that warmth feeling in the winter months.

In times when cold winter season arrives a very inviting heated toilet seat is an alternative to the ordinary cold plastic one.

Most people are familiar with the cold and numbing feeling of a plastic toilet seat so we can understand why more and more are being installed.


bidet toilet seat

Bidet Toilet Seats- Another method to clean yourself  is to use water.

Bidet seats enable you to clean your sensitive areas without using toilet paper. Below is a few more benefits of using bidet:

  • Bco-friendly. Many trees are being cut down year after year across the world to make toilet paper.
  • By choosing to use bidet toilet seats instead of toilet paper you can help reduce toilet paper consumption.
  • Can be more hygienic by using water. You can stop the spread of germs because you are not spreading bacteria across a certain area.
  • Any medical conditions that enables you to use your arms or hands can help as it’s all just push button operation.
  • People who have hemorrhoids trust bidets because of less abrasion to their sensitive area.
  • New mothers and women deal with menstrual periods. Instead of using toilet paper can use water which will make them feel more cleaner.
  • Can help carer’s as part of there job are asked for wiping and assistance. It lowers the senior’s self –esteem when they do this. They do not want to depend on someone when they use a toilet. A bidet can help them restore confidence and regain some sort of independence.


As you can see there are a lot of different types toilet seat and why it becomes a personnel choice when replacing one.

Special toilet seats are designed for different jobs like from having a raised toilet seat which can help the elderly getting on and off the seat to a toilet seat from having a hip replacement.

We hope this article has helped on you for your next purchase.

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