Is This The Best Seat You Could Possibly Have For Your Toilet?…You Be The Judge…

Hey, my name is Jack. A father of 3, a husband and the first thing you need to know about me is;

I’m not a Doctor nor am I an expert in rehabilitation or nursing.

I never went to college or have a degree in anything either.

In fact, the only thing that I consider myself an expert at is being a plumber.

I’m not just your average everyday plumber either fixing leaking faucets or unblocking drains (I do that too).

But my real specialty lays in modifying and revamping bathrooms to accommodate those who have disability needs.

Working closely in the age and disability sector I get to see first-hand what products work and most of all which ones don’t.

From commode chairs, heavy-duty toilet seats, grab and arm rails, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, and bidet toilet seats.

Most people associate bidets and bidet toilet seats with Asian countries or for those who have a silver spoon in their mouth but what I want to share with you will amaze you the same as it did with me.

I see those who struggle to go to the toilet on there own, not able to wipe and get them self clean, the frustration, the embarrassment, the pain and anger in the eyes.

But what I do want to tell you is how this simple concept. A bidet toilet seat has given back to those who’ve I’ve installed one for there independence, improving their own self-esteem while retaining self-dignity again.

Who Is A Bidet Seat For?

If you struggle to wipe and clean your self after been to the toilet or you need or rely on assistance.


Do you want a better, easier, simpler solution that will give you better personal hygiene, feel much cleaner than ever before and able to do it all on your own?

Bidet seats are changing the way we do our business and helping those who struggle to do so all with a push of a button.

Here are a few things you may not know about bidet toilet seats:

  • If you can’t for any reason wipe your own bum a bidet toilet seats take away the frustration and struggle for the need to wipe once completed your business.
  • Saves you money: According to CNN, the average American uses on average 57 squares a day and 50 pounds a year of toilet paper.
  • Better personal hygiene and cleaning
  • Better skincare and more comfortable to use
  • Save money and reduce household waste.
  • Greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment.

Having a bidet toilet seat installed to your existing toilet bowl will give you back your independence while maintaining your self-esteem and returning the confidence.

Just picture your self being able to go to the toilet anytime you want on your own without the need for any assistance once the job is finished and completed.

Being able to wash, cleanse and dry your private areas all with a press of a button with a safe and hygiene solution of water.

Benefits for woman

  • The warm water cleansing mode is exceptionally helpful for a woman during menstruation cycles. The warm water cleanses also helps to ease the discomfort that comes with constipation, yeast infections, and urethra irritation.
  • Another advantage a bidet has for pregnant women is it helps to soothe anal irritation, hemorrhoids, and general discomfort. Many women also find a bidet to be a comfortable and hygienic cleansing method the following intercourse.
  • Yeast/Urinary tract infection: Yeast and urinary tract infections can cause itching, discharge, and unpleasant odor. While the Swash can’t cure the infections, it can provide soothing relief from the symptoms during treatment.

Benefits for men

  • Using the warm water posterior wash can help to relieve constipation, hemorrhoids discomfort and some have a built-in enema function for the ultimate anal hygiene and colon cleanse.
  • The warm air dryer, heated seat and warm water cleanse to make the time spent on the “throne” all the more enjoyable!

Other benefits a bidet toilet seat is good for

Not sure if you ever have had hemorrhoids, but I have to say this is the best way to become clean after #2’s over using paper.

A good bidet even helps with constipation and some of the top seats have a built-in enema function for those who are into that stuff.

Ideally suited for those suffering from arthritis, incontinence or mobility problems you now have an efficient and easy solution of addressing your bathroom needs.

All with just a press of a button – and without the need to rely on anyone else.

Did you know that over 13 million Americans alone experience loss of bladder control, also known as urinary incontinence?

This can happen to anyone, but it’s more common within the elderly population?

For those who do experience it, it’s very uncomfortable and embarrassing but having a bidet toilet seat installed will help to relieve that feeling and provide you with a quick and easy way to stay clean and fresh.

What Is The Best Bidet Toilet Seat?

When choosing a bidet seat there are few things you need to consider and what I think should be included in the options.

  • Remote control is a better way then the standard conventional control panel mounted on the side of the seat. This makes transfers much easier as you don’t have a panel in the way and run the risk of breaking or snapping it off.
  • Choose a seat with continues warm water heating rather a seat that only heats the tank. Rule of thumb you will get around 10 seconds of warm water from a tank system.
  • Simple and easy to use with memory saving setting function so don’t have to keep resetting your favorite settings.
  • Must have warm air dryer, heated seat. Unless you live in the sub-tropics and self cleaning nozzles for ultimate hygiene performance.
  • The option of being able to adjust the water, air and seat seat temperatures to your own likings and pleasure.

My personal choice bidet seat that I used, installed and seen the best results with is the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 bidet toilet seat.

The Bio Bidet BB2000 Seat:

  • Is made in the USA using the best possible materials and parts that are available
  • It has continues on-demand warm water heating
  • The heated seat can be adjusted to your own likings same goes for the warm air dryer and water temperature for the cleansing cycle
  • It comes with wireless remote control and not a fixed control panel making it best suited for those with limited movement.
  • Backed by Bio Bidet’s 36-month warranty
  • Adjustable continuous warm water that will provide you with a complete cleanse without the worry of running out of warm water on those cold winter nights.
  • A heated seat that is adjustable to suit your own likings
  • Slow closing lid and seat so no slamming or little fingers jammed
  • Built-in eco-friendly feature to help you save and conserve electricity
  • The 3 in 1 nozzle system gives you excellent posterior wash and softer cleaner feminine wash.
  • Energy-saving night light to light the way when nature calls in wee hours and to save the need to turn the main light on.
  • If you have right side joint pain in the arms or shoulders, with wireless remote is operational using any hand.
  • Just to name a few 

What Do Customers Love About It?

Most consumers love the heated seat element – especially those living in cold territories. They also love how you never run out of warm water, how easy and simple it is to use with the wireless remote control and how it contains the settings so need to keep setting every time.

Finally, It’s Your Turn

When you order your Bio Bidet BB-2000 bidet toilet seat you’ll be buying one of Bio’s premium class electronic seats:

  • Endless warm water wash for those long cleansings if needed
  • Warm air dryer
  • Heated seat
  • Wireless remote control
  • Energy-saving features
  • Night light
  • Massive 400-pound weight capacity, and much much more

And with  Bio Bidets 36 month warranty, you can see whys it’s a no-brainer.

If you finally ready to get back your independence and regain your self-esteem then

Just make sure you click on best buy button below to get the latest pricing, fastest shipping and any bonuses that are on offer…

Best Bidet Seat For Amputees