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Sick and tired of breaking toilet seats and can’t find one that will last? You know buying the wrong seat not only gets expensive but also can cause injury to your self or worse, others.

I totally get it. I know what you are going through from being a plumber and being excessively overweight in my childhood years, I’ve done my share of seats. So in this article, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about heavy duty toilet seats, which to buy and why you should, so read on…

Are you looking for information or reviews about the best toilet seat suite for a heavy person, or looking for a replacement toilet seat that you have now? Want a seat that will outlast those cheap plastic fantastic crap ones you can purchase and claim to be designed as a heavy-duty toilet seat?

If you are sick and tired wasting your money, breaking cheap ass seats and either paying or struggling to replace the seat once you have broken it?

Well, listen up…as what I am about to share with you is about to change all that crap you have been going through once and for all.

As you already know, the main problem you have when choosing a toilet seat is that there are SO many different brands and styles out there claiming to be the so-called “best heavy duty toilet seat” and we struggle to know and choose which is right!

In saying that…because the need for heavy-duty toilet seats has grown in popularity and new companies are jumping on the bandwagon producing the same rubbish crap and stating that its heavy-duty toilet seat and is suited for a heavy person.

It’s basically a faceoff between all the top competing brands, and unfortunately, where some excel in giving you the best possible product, others are barely reaching the minimum standards and some not even approved by the ADA.toilet seat

So, by now I guess you are wondering “what is the best heavy-duty toilet seat for heavy or large people? To help you answer that we have made this the go-to site for everything related to these products.

Unlike other websites who are commercially driven, my/our reviews will give you non-biased information.

I also understand that not everyone who is in the same boat, so regardless if you are slightly overweight or obese or somewhere in between, our reviews will cover a wide range of products that are best and most suited to your needs.

With knowledge recommendations for all those who are in need, and I can guarantee you that our advice, opinions, and testimonials will beat any department store or some sales guys advice who works in a variety store.

In addition to finding and telling you what we recommend is the best heavy-duty toilet seat for heavy people, we provide in-depth information. Do we answer questions like “Is this safe and approved”? , explain the process that all rated toilet seats should be approved by ADA as a minimum guide to look for.

If you’re thinking of getting a new toilet seat and not sure which will be best to suit your needs then this article is for you.

With the increase of obesity rising each year world widely at a staggering rate, with sugar having a higher rate of addiction than heroin, and in 2018 alone the United States adult obesity rates now exceed 35% in seven states, 30% in 29 states and 25% in 48 states.

West Virginia taking the top spot with the highest adult obesity with over 38% and Colorado has the lowest at just a touch over 22%.

By the time you have finished reading this article, I hope it will help you pick the best heavy duty toilet seat that works for you…so keep on reading

This page will give you a guide that will help you buy a heavy-duty toilet seat that will give you the support that you want, the comfort that you need and the safety that won’t break like other cheap and nasty so-called heavy duty seats do.

What Makes A Toilet Seat Heavy Duty?

Bariatric toilet seatFace with a plethora of choices and brands on the market, deciding on which to buy and will do the best job is a hard task.

It’s not like you are purchasing a cheap plastic $5 seat from the local hardware store. So now we’re going to take a look at what you should look for in a heavy duty toilet seat.

First up, the seat must be approved by the ADA. This is a minimum requirement I believe all seats should have to set them aside from others. ADA (American Disability Association) sets the minimum standard so having the stamp of approval from them is a must.

Next to make a heavy-duty toilet seat heavy duty it needs to be able to carry and support heavy loads right! So in saying that, the main to capacities heavy duty toilets seats come in is a maximum 800 lb or bariatric toilet seat that has a maximum 1200 pound capacity.

Of course, the material plays a big part in this too. All heavy duty toilet seats are made from the highest quality plastic known to man and are chemical and stain proof. Making these toilet seats tough and unbreakable.

That in its self makes them a sigh of relief…not about you but I’ve broken my share of seats and its not the best feeling.

Make sure that any toilet seat that you choose has durable ABS hinges or stainless steel. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a tough, impact-resistant plastic that is widely used across many different industries, that including making toilet seat hinges and are the same quality at the seats stain resistant.

Because oversized toilet seats are made for obese people extra support and grip is another thing to look for when purchasing your new seat. If you are doing transfers make sure that the seat you got has rubber bumpers underside so that when installed will grip the porcelain, helping the seat from shifting and moving.

What’s The Best Bariatric Toilet Seat?

how to measure for a toilet seatWhen searching the internet about the bariatric toilet seat you see there isn’t really a lot of info on what to look for and which is best for you.

So not only have we told you what makes a heavy-duty toilet seat. Things like make sure its ADA approved and make sure the toilet seat is chemical and stain-resistant.

Also, we have also told you what they are made of so you know your next toilet seat will be unbreakable.

Now we’re going to tell you about different heights and shapes.

A well made bariatric toilet seat comes in either an open front toilet seat or fully closed, with or without lids. The majority have a lift from 1 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ height lift.

Do you choose to go to an open toilet seat or closed toilet seat? Do you need a round or elongated?

These questions will be answered throughout this site and many more you haven’t may have thought of yet.

When looking for a seat to use and that can stand up to us heavier people our choices are limited.

All we want is a seat that looks like a toilet seat that is practical, comfortable and most of all makes us feel safe when using it.

The best toilet seats for obese people or for a heavy person that we have found that will do the best job, ADA approved and come highly recommended on many forums and websites from those who have purchased is Big John’s Toilet Seats.

Here are some of the best bariatric toilet seats that we have today. Let’s take a quick peek…

Big John 6W
Big John 3W
Our #1 Choice
#2 Choice
large toilet seat
open front toilet seat
800 lbs Capacity
1200 lbs Capacity
Lifetime limited warranty not to break
Lifetime limited warranty not to break
1 1/2″ Rise
2 1/2″ Rise
Fits on almost all toilets round or elongated
Fits on almost all toilets round or elongated
Durable ABS Hinges
Chemical & Stain Resistant
Durable Stainless Steel Hinges
Chemical & Stain Resistant
cta red
cta red
Read Review

Now that you have a cornerstone idea on what we are all on about here, let’s get back to it.

A few reasons why a standard toilet seat is just wrong.

A simple and short answer is their crap.

Made from flimsy cheap plastic that doesn’t have the weight capacity that a seat needs that is designed for larger people.

Having plastic bolts and nuts that holds the seat down onto the bowl-like wtf?

They should be stainless steel or at least heavy duty made from durable ABS, not the light stuff you get with a standard toilet seat.

Another reason why a standard toilet seat is not an option is and I”m a true believer that you get what you pay for.

automatic lifting seatA standard toilet seat has hardly any extra supports under the seat causing more stress on the seat when in use can cause cracking and splitting. Oversize toilet seats have more support and include stabilizing rubber bumpers to help level and support the seat from movement.

These bumpers also help with the seat gripping to the porcelain for easy transfers if need be.

Being not approved by the ADA (American Disability Association) is a major concern as well as without there backing you know they’re not going to do the job.

Over the life, if you are like me, you’ve broken a seat or two or cracked more then you want to remember then those little things do make a difference.

Standard plastic toilet seats are just a pain in the butt. If you trust what you are sitting on then that makes the job far easier and that’s where Big John’s Toilet Seats come in to there own.

What Is The Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person?

When the time comes to choose a new heavy toilet seat there are quite a few different brands and shapes out there. As a plumber by profession I have installed quite a few seats over the time of my life and what I have found is that for quality and reliability Big Johns heavy duty toilet seats are the go.

Being made to suit most standard and elongated American toilet bowls and come in either a 2.5 inch or 1.5-inch rise. There all ADA(Americans with Disability Act) approved so you know they are well made and been tested.

Constructed of the best materials possible so you know you have quality there. Having synthetic rubber bumpers that sit under the seat that grips the seat to the porcelain of the toilet bowl stopping it from shifting when carrying out any transfers.

Using stainless steel hinges to mount the seat to the toilet bowl. There lightest carrying seat capacity is 800 lbs and that is for the Big John Standard Toilet seat up to 1200 lbs for the Big John Original Toilet seat.

Big John seats have a full range of different seats to suit everyone’s needs. Since there are 7 different seats you have to choose from you will have to make sure that you choose the right one as quite often there are no returns due to health risks.

Big John toilet seats not only just have toilet seats they have support mounts that connect to under the toilet bowl. They work within conjunction with the existing wall carriers to help distribute the weight helping to increase the weight capacity 350 lbs to 1000 lbs.

There heavy duty toilet jacks are the least expensive method to prevent broken wall hung style toilets. Meet Bariatric Center of Excellence standards for handicapped toilets and bariatric toilets.

The support mounts are easy to install and discreetly mounts under most wall-mounted toilets which they help to provide extra vertical support

Who is Big John and His Toilet Seat?

Big John designs and makes toilet seats as well as toilet Supports, Heimlich Helper, Hygienic Sprayer, the Window and Door Stopper, and now the Commode Chair! They are designed for the use of all people. Most of there products value safety and their well-being for all ages from children, senior citizens and the disabled. Their main mission is to make specific products for specific needs that no one else is making or providing. That’s why Big John’s toilet seats are perfect for us big peeps.lowest price

Why These Toilet Seats?

When Big John set out to make toilet seats for the larger community he wanted to be the best. He wanted to make the best and he wanted people who brought his product to have the best. So simply saying if you buy a Big Johns Toilet Seat you simply getting the best.

What Sought Of Seating Range Is There?

Big John has made a toilet seat for all occasions that will suit you and your needs. There are 7 toilet seats to choose from all being different but the same if you know I mean. They’re all built the same way and give you the best support only just that they vary in height. Some of there seats are 2.5 inches raised where others are 1.5 inches raised. Another difference is weight capacity. They range from 800 pounds to 1200 pounds in seat capacity.

Check out the range they have here. Bound to have the right seat for you…

As you can see they have a range of different weight capacity sizes and fit round or elongated toilet bowl that will suit your needs

What Else They Have For Me?

Not only is Big John made in the USA, have the best toilet seat for heavy person they also can supply you with commode chairs, hygienic sprayers, splash guards, window and door stoppers and even toilet supports for all wall hung toilets and are the easiest to install

How To Install Big John Bariatric Toilet Seat?

Installation is very easy. Its an easy 9 step by step installation for Big John Toilet Seat ns they are as follows

  1. Screw flanges all the way up so that there are no threads showing
  2. Hinges are marked right and left
  3. Insert the Left Hinge through the seat and lid on the Left side* *Left / Right Hinges – Refers to the left and right mounting holes on the toilet when facing it.
  4. Insert Right Hinge*
  5. Put on the washers
  6. Mount on the toilet and adjust flanges so bumpers are flat
  7. Be sure to put on the nuts with the beveled side up
  8. Finger tighten the nuts…make sure that the seat is mounted properly
  9. Secure the seat using pliers… DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN

Check Out This Easy 2 Follow Guide How To Install Your Big Johns Toilet Seat…ENJOY!!!

They have a range of different weight capacity sizes and fit round or elongated toilet bowls.

Where To Buy Big John’s Heavy Duty Toilet Seat From?

Best Toilet Seat For Heavy PersonFinding the right product that suits your needs can be a problem at the best of times, to say the least. That is why we have done all the hard work for you and to guide you through all obstacles so you get the best seat at the best possible price.

With all our research, reviews and customer opinions we sorted through, you can rely on us to help you to the right product for your needs when it comes to your toilet throne seat.

No more scrolling online or being sold to by a store clerk telling you this is the best seat since sliced bread, we have it all here in one place. The best products, with the best and latest up to date information that you need before outlaying your hard-earned cash.

Not only that you will get a product that is safe and recommended and is designed to do what it’s purchased for.

Here not only will you find the best and top-rated heavy duty toilet seats, but also we have information on the best commode chairs and raised toilet seats for the elderly and disabled.

We’ve reviewed the best products so you can make a better buying decision.

To make it even easier for you saving you not even have to leave the home, you can purchase any of the products you see on here from here. We have worked hard to give you the best information and strive to do so.

We update this website every day, to bring you the best possible prices, the fastest shipping and we also source out if there are any bonuses on offer with the product.

We are certain that with us you’ll find the one that’s right for you.

Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person


When in the hunt for a new toilet seat you need to look at the structure of the seat.

How and what it’s made from and how it mounts to the bowl. Most heavy-duty seats use stainless steel bolts and hinges that make them solid and strong. Make sure you click on the button below to check out our full review on Big John’s Heavy Duty Toilet Seats.

>>Read Our Full Review Here<<

If you are in the hunt for an electric bidet toilet seat, check out some of our reviews of the best bidet toilet seats

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