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The Biobidet Bliss BB-2000 seat is one of the best-priced luxury seats on the market today.

bidet toilet seat reviews

If you have been searching and looking online to buy the best bidet seat and not sure which will be best suited for you, this guide will help

how to measure for a toilet seat

Looking for a heavy duty seat that has been tried and tested and voted #1 as the best heavy duty toilet seat, click on the link below for more details

Bio Bidet USPA 6800

The Bio bidet USPA 6800 seat is packed with features. Heated seat, warm water, see the full features by clicking on the button below…

how to measure a toilet seat

Before buying any new seat you need to know if you need a round or elongated. Here’s how to how to measure toilet seat

Here’s the low-down why having a squat when it’s time for your morning routine comes along and why squatting vs sitting is better for you than traditional toilet sitting is.

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A place where you can learn more about heavy duty and bidet toilet seats. Our aim is to try and give you the best knowledge, information and tips to help you to choose the best seat for your needs and budget.

Ranging from heavy-duty, raised to bidet seats, we have reviewed a wide array of seats hoping to give you a better idea on which is the best one for you.

From those who are upgrading and want to add that spark of luxury to the bathroom, to those looking to stay independent for longer, recovering from surgery, illnesses like IBS, Crohns, hemorrhoids, chronic constipation and many others.

Even contractors looking to add an extra level of comfort or luxury to the houses they are building.

With brands like Bio Bidet, TOTO, Novita, Infinity, Brondell Feel Fresh and others, it’s hard to go wrong! These brands offer quality construction and materials, and also offer a wide array of options for any budget.

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