SmartBidet SB-2000 SB-2000WE Smart Electric Bidet Seat Review

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On this review, we’re going to look at the features of this bidet toilet seat and give a full overview of this product. 

I will explain what the features are, what the customer opinion is that have purchased this bidet electric toilet seat.

You will also find out about any special deals, get the best price and most of all if it does a decent job or not.

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This bidet is very well priced and what you get with it, is certainly hi-end features that’s for sure.

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My SmartBidet SB-2000 SB-2000WE Smart Electric Bidet Seat Review:

Key Features

  • Multi-wash functions with self-cleaning nozzle & oscillation: for her front, her back, his back
  • Adjustable water pressure (5 levels), water temperature (3 levels) & nozzle positions (5 levels)
  • Heated seat (3 levels) with a safety on/off skin sensor which activates bidet only when seated
  • Warm air dryer, adjustable to 5 levels, which eliminates the need for toilet paper
  • Energy saving mode, soft closing lid and seat, easy to install

We will give you a run-through of the main features and also then we will tell you the 3 main points about this heated toilet seat bidet which we think makes it a really good choice.

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If your looking for a seat that has just about all the best features of a high-end bidet toilet seat at only a fraction of the price the smart bidet sb-2000 is a good choice.

The 3 main key points that are a must with any bidet are as follows:

  • Heated Seat: at the very basic level of seats you have to have a heated seat. Perfect for those cold winter days or nights when nature calls out to you.
  • Warm Water Wash: having warm water to cleanse with once you have finished your business makes total sense. Nothing worse getting cold water splashed all over ya private bits in the middle of winter I can give you that tip.
  • Warm Air Dryer: to top it off with the 3 main features you should have on your next bidet is a warm air dryer. Makes sense hey, warm seat warm water and dry off with warm air.

The SmartBidet SB-2000 SB-2000WE Smart Electric Bidet Seat provides hygiene, comfort, and convenience.

For ultimate hygiene, this bidet toilet seat comes with a built-in self-cleaning nozzle that oscillates for the perfect cleanse for her front, her back, his back if you know what I mean.

With some bidets, your choices are limited to the customization of your seat. The SmartBidet SB-2000 SB-2000WE Smart Electric Bidet Seat has 5 levels of water pressure so you’re bound to find the perfect pressure for your own liking.

It also has 3 water temperature settings for the ultimate comfort and to top it off 5 nozzle positions to cover everyone’s liking.

The comfortable seat has added a little bit more luxury with its 3 levels of temp range. Also, the smartbidet has a safety on/off skin sensor feature. This feature activates the bidet only when seated.

Easy to clean just like a standard toilet because the nozzle is self-cleaning for ultimate hygiene. Easy to install and use and friendly to the environment.

Hey guys, no more hearing the slam or the toilet seat no more when you leave it up as this baby has a slow closing lid and seat. Sorry ladies. But it also helps to protect the bidet seat from damage and the toilet bowl.

Installation is pretty easy as it comes with all parts and fittings. The instructions are easy to follow, just allow maybe good 30 minutes depending on your own handyman skills.

The SmartBidet SB-2000 SB-2000WE Smart Electric Bidet Seat comes in both round and elongated but for those who have round, sorry you will be paying few extra bucks…

Customer Opinion

Going by the reviews on about the SmartBidet SB 2000 are pretty good. With an average star rating of 4.3 out of 5 that is considered very good.

Out of the 220 plus reviews left on, only 4 % of those reviews were rated at 1 star.

Going by these reviews it gives you a good overview of how good this bidet toilet seat is and the ratings are second to none.

If you’re looking fora good bidet seat that has all the features you need at a low range price and easy to we highly recommend you check out the SmartBidet SB-2000 SB-2000WE Smart Electric Bidet Seat today!