What Is The Best Raised Toilet Seat

what is the best raised toilet seat

Hi there and welcome. In this article, we are going to look at and see what’s the best-raised toilet seat or elevated seat as they are also known for.

Run through some reasons why a raised toilet seat is needed. Who uses raised toilet seats and an idea on a couple of different types of raised seats.

Why Use a Raised Toilet Seat?

Raised toilet seats are mainly used for those with limited mobility or who need assistance when using the toilet.

Depending on the brand and style elevated seats can attach to the toilet like a standard toilet seat does or can just sit on the rim or have it’s own legs and sits over the toilet.

Some have added features such as padded armrests and guardrails.

Who uses a raised toilet seat?

There are various reasons why you would use a raised toilet seat. In most cases, there used by people who have difficulty bending down that low to use a standard toilet.

Standard toilet height is around 14.5″ from the floor to the bowl rim. This is why people with stiff joints, difficulty in bending the knees, or other mobility problems have trouble.

A standard toilet seat will require more flexibility due to the fact of them being lower to the ground and that in its self could cause possible stress on certain joints.

Those suffering from medical conditions like arthritis or inflammatory conditions may also have difficulty using a standard toilet height so they are ideal for that reason too.

Raised toilet seats are designed by orthopedic experts with special needs in mind for individuals problems.

Typically an elevated toilet seat can add anywhere from 3-6 inches (7-15 cm) of height to a toilet depending on brand and model.

These raised toilet seats can often help the needs of a person with back or spine difficulties as well as it allows for less bending and stretching which means less effort is needed to get on and off the seat.

Types Of Raised Toilet Seats

Some raised toilet seats offer multiple positions in height to cater for most standard and elongated toilets.

This is also helpful to accommodate various heights of individuals using the seat. Some raised toilet seats offer extra thick padding for added comfort.

In many models, the seat will include mounting brackets for installation.

There are models that feature easy no-tool installation and these are helpful for people who have restricted capabilities or wish to have the convenience of no assembly required.

Some models feature suction cups that adhere to the floor.

Those with restricted mobility may prefer an elevated toilet seat with built-in arms.

This safety feature provides added stability and protection. Many of these seats feature a locking mechanism to fasten to the toilet bowl.

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