Big John Toilet Seat Review: Which Is The Best Bariatric Seat 2020?

Big John Toilet Seat


  • Heavy duty designed
  • Capacity range of 800 lbs to 1200 lbs
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Ada approved
  • Available open front or full close


  • Only comes in white
  • Will rise the seating by 2.5″ which can be to high for some users

While there are quite a few different so-called heavy-duty toilet seats on the market today, no other has been ranked #1 as often as the Big John Toilet Seat range.

Not only does Big John take pride in their products but, also care about their customers.

Saying that is one thing, but doing is another, so how do they measure up?

Offering high-quality products from heavy duty bariatric toilet seats to toilet supports, steeps and even commode chairs, the Big John range consists of a full range of high-quality products including but nothing short of a full range of heavy duty toilet seats.

They have a range of 6 different heavy-duty toilet seats that will suit any heavy person, with two ratings. 800 pounds or the big kickass 1200 pounder weight tested limit.

If you looking for more than a new toilet seat, maybe a commode chair or bariatric toilet supports for that added extra protection to your wall hung toilet.

The full product range that Big John has is all made in the USA with pride, employing local people and keeping the profits in the country not off sure like other brands do.

Big John is proud not only of the company’s track record of innovation but also in the quality, durability, and reliability of the products. “Meeting your Need”.

Why Use Big John Toilet Seats?

Big John bariatric toilet seat are an American company that makes and meets the needs of its customers to supply products that have been tried and tested to outlast, outperform any of their competition, period.

Being rated highly under the bariatric toilet seat banner which is where they first started off. Once they perfected making the best heavy duty toilet seats for heavy people, that was when they moved to other products to help make our lives that little safer.

Is There A Seat To Suit Me?

big john seatBig John toilet seats come in six different styles and classes. Below is a bit of a rundown on the 6 different ones for more of a better idea.

  1. ADA- all big john products are approved and comply with the ADA (American Disability Act)  and either meet or exceed the ASNE.ANSI z124.5 CSA/IAPMO/UPC standards
  2. All models besides the 6-W are 1200 pound rated and have a rise of 2 1/2 inches whereas the 6-W has 1 1/2″ rise and is rated to 800 pounds
  3. Models 1-W, 2-CR, 6-W are all closed seats whereas the 3-W, 4-W & 7-W are open fronts.
  4. All seats have stabilizing synthetic rubbers bumpers that help grip the toilet seat to the bowl for extra security transfers on and off the seat.
  5. All Big Johns seats use stainless steel hinges. The hinges is always the weakest point on any toilet seat and with using stainless steel, has provided unbreakable strength to Big John’s.
  6. They are designed to fit and suit most elongated and round toilet bowls and are able to get with or without lid.

What’s It Made From?

Big John toilet seats are made from the highest grade possible ABS plastic, which is stain resistant and chemical resistant. The ABS plastic makes the toilet seat very strong and the durability is second to none. The seats are formed by injection molding, making them have no seams to split nor gaps for chemical or staining to occur.

Are Big John Toilet Seat Easy To Install?

Installing your new Big John bariatric toilet seat is just as easy as a standard toilet seat. Comes with all the instructions you need the only downside I have found was the print was a little small. Easy step by step instructions to follow and even the video below will just about give you all the steps you need if you are in that way inclined to have a go installing your own.

You can check out this guide here to, how to install toilet seat by Big John

Where Can I Buy This Product?

Offering an informative review on the best heavy duty toilet seat by Big John, we wanted to supply a place where you can order your new seat and any other of their products, we also wanted to provide a place for you to come and purchase their products easily. We’ve found that vendors tend to raise the prices of their products, despite the market value.

Seeking to pair you with the best prices possible and a dependable avenue to make a purchase, see for yourself the amazing price available from our supplier!

Overall Review:

The overall performance of Big John toilet seats offers you the best heavy duty toilet seat currently available on the market that doesn’t cost the earth.

We recommend that if you want a new seat that will go the distance and last more than a week, has proven to stand the test and feel safe to use all at the same time, then you need to take a serious look at Big John’s range of seats.a plus

The biggest decision you will need to make is which seat is the better seat for your comfort and style.

As a product that has proven its self-time and time again with excellent results, any wonder more and more people are sourcing these bariatric toilet seats.

Based on all the feedback, the reviews and customer opinions we collected, those that have purchased and use Big John’s toilet seats have stated that they will when the time comes to replace the seat they have now with another of Big John’s products.

If you are serious and looking for the best heavy duty toilet seat that is most suited for a large person, that will make you feel safe again using the toilet without the fear of breaking another seat, try one of Big Johns’s seats. The link below gets you their lowest price ever offered.

We hope that this review has helped you out and answered some questions on Big John’s seats and bit more of scope on their other products and hopefully, it helped you decide which brand to buy in the future.

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