Reviews On The Bio Bidet Slim One Electric Smart Toilet Seat

In this review, we are going to take a look at The Bio Bidet Slim One Electric Smart Toilet Seat which is a great affordable entry-level for those who are testing out the waters and thinking about joining the bidet world.

If you are looking for a seat with a few more features than this product, the Bio Bidet bb-600 may be a better fit for you with few more extra features over the slim one seat.

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It will take you to where we have found to be the cheapest place to purchase this product from and there also you will get a full description and see others who have purchased this seat and the reviews they have left.

Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat Review

This very affordable bidet seat comes with all the features you will ever need to enjoy the life of being a smart bidet toilet seat lover.

If you have just a standard seat at the present then the experience of this simple toilet seat will be a game-changer to your life-style you know it as it is.

The slim one comes with their much-improved technology called fusion heating. This for a level entry bidet seat is a game-changer. It helps to control the temperature of your wash all the way from start to finish WITHOUT the water going cold.

The 3 in 1 self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle is designed and made to give you the most advanced posterior wash, for those rare times turbo and the most comfortable feminine wash for those.

Being able to adjust the water pressure when needed if a very handy feature. To be able to change the wash from a nice soft sitz bath to a more focused jet stream for those bigger jobs. Bio Bidet call this the turbo wash.

With a press of the button located on the control arm to the side of the seat.

You can simply press the oscillation button feature which will allow the nozzle to move about making sure the wash hits every spot of your undercarriage.

Easy accessible the fixed side control is the command center for your seat. The panel has all the tools to operate your bidet toilet seat and making any adjustments if need be.

The Bio Bidet Slim ONE will revolutionize your total bathroom experience by its cozy heated seat to a glowing nightlight you will be wondering why you never purchased years ago.

Features of Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet SeatWhen you upgrade your home with a bidet toilet seat you are upgrading your life and the future of hygiene as well. Having and using this smart technology can not only save you tons of money is much better hygienic speaking.

The Slim ONE Smart Toilet Seat by BioBidet will change the way you clean at home. Packed with an abundance of features at a low price, this is the bidet you have been searching for.

  • Fusion Warm Water Technology

With en electric ceramic coated heating coil that heats the tank water, this new improved fusion technology helps to increase the duration of the warm water supply giving more for longer.

  • Self-cleaning Stainless Steel Nozzle

The stainless steel nozzle makes cleaning and keeping things clean an easier task when using quality materials like stainless steel. Stainless steel is non-porous, won’t stain or discolor not crack or split as plastic nozzles can.

This will give a much longer life span and save time on cleaning and maintenance.

  • Easy Installation

Designed for those who like to do things themselves, the easy DIY layout to install this seat has been made using their step by step guide and instructions.

  • Heated Seat

The heated seat is adjustable and is done simply by just pressing and using any of the preset temperature buttons on the convenient side control panel.

  • Night Light

Equipped with a soft energy-saving glowing night light to help show a path to the toilet at night without needing to turn a major light on in the bathroom. If need be you can easily turn the light off by using the control pad without it affecting anything else.


  • Easy to install, may need extra hardware to complete the installation.
  • Well priced entry-level bidet seat with some good features.
  • Soft-close lid & seat so NO slamming or no little fingers jammed.
  • Comes in both elongated and round.


  • Limited features and control over the features
  • Lead is short compared to others.

Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat in Round White with Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Nozzle best price

Customer Opinion of The Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat

Going by the review left on about this product, you will find that most of the reviews left on there are mainly 4 and a 5-star rating.

Out of 197 reviews that have been left on… from customers who have purchased this seat over 160 of the reviews are positive which is a good sign that the product does what is written on the tin and be a good choice.

On the downside, there are few reviews where those who have purchased are not happy with the product at all. Some of those reasons are that it didn’t fit their toilet, was missing parts when it was delivered or faulted out and leaks.


From the reviews and research we have done, we have to admit this isn’t the best seat from Bio Bidet and it isn’t the worse seat in this price range either by any means.

It is best suited for those who are just entering the bidet seat group. As time goes on BioBidet will improve the few small faults that occurred with this seat.

If the budget can stretch out a little more we recommend going the next level up and grab a Bio Bidet bb 600. At the time of writing, there was a sale on the bb600 and it was selling touch under $300 which is the lowest price this bidet toilet seat has ever been for a very long time.

Click on the link below or see our main best bidet toilet seat page for more products and ideas.

Click here to check it out at… and see the description and a better star rating and positive reviews.

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