Elevated Toilet Seats For The Elderly

Elevated Toilet Seats For The Elderly

Elevated Toilet Seats For The Elderly
Elevated Toilet Seats For The Elderly

Having a elevated toilet seat for the elderly is something that may have never crossed our minds, but if you live with an elderly person who has difficulty sitting down and standing up then a elevated toilet seat could prove to be the go. Although it may create a variation of only a few inches, it can make a world of a difference for those who have difficulty sitting and standing up from a toilet seat.

These elevated equipments are generally prescribed for short term use post hospital discharge, in order to accommodate fractures, hip replacements and knee surgeries. However, they may come of long term use to those who are suffering from chronic arthritis, knee pain, back ache, hip pain and other mobility disorders. This proves to be a permanent solution for such patients to maintain independence in the restrooms.

Elevated toilet seats for the elderly are available with a variety of features to cater to various needs of different people.

Support Arms:
These may be removable or permanent, to provide extra support while sitting down or standing up.
Slip Resistant Pads:
Such anti- slip pads provide extra safety.

Slip-in Brackets:
These come of use to those with hip and knee injuries, in case the patient needs their hip to be in extended position.
They are curved with a dip on one side to allow easy access.

Clamping Mechanism:
Some seats come with clamping mechanisms to make it easy to clamp on and remove.

Optimal Seat Height:
The higher the seat is, the less flexion is required at the hip and knee, making it easier to sit down and stand up. It is imperative to choose a seat that makes your feet lie flat on the floor, since too much height may lead to instability.

Elevated Toilet Seats sit atop the toilet bowl and come in a range of 2″- 6″ in height. Wider options are also available to accommodate patients up to 600 pounds. It is also possible to get seats with adjustable heights and widths if you’re unsure about what size to get.

Choosing the Correct Shape:

It’s necessary to make sure that the toilet seat sits right on top and is the same size as your bowl.
It generally comes in 2 standard sizes.-
Round : approximately 16.5″ long-
Elongated : approximately 18.5″ long

Types of Elevated Toilet Seats for The Elderly:
1. Non-Locking Elevated Toilet Seats: These are typically for short term use. They can be used with Toilet Frames for additional safety.
2. Locking Elevated Toilet Seats: These are typically for medium term use. They easily lock on to the bowl with clamps and are easily removable.
3. Bolt on Elevated Toilet Seats: These can be easily bolted on the bowl and are useful for elderly patients with a chronic need for such devices.

Raised Toilet Seats for the elderly are definitely worth the investment and also for handicap raised seats to as they make lives easier for the aged, disabled and hip joint patients and to provide long term convenience and independence in their rest-room trips