Finally A Toilet Seat That Is Sturdy, Comfortable & Made For Heavier People

Best Heavy Duty Toilet Seat For Heavy Person

What if I can tell you that there is a toilet seat that is designed and built to outlast normal traditional seats… built solid, tough, made in the United States from the highest quality materials, and is ADA approved.

If you are tired at breaking toilet seats then this is just for you.

Hey before we get to far into this there are a few things I want you to know about me.

I’m not overweight, nor am I fat or obese.

I’ve never personally broken a toilet seat, that wasn’t deliberate.

I’ve never been to university so I don’t have a degree, in fact I bailed at grade 10.

And I’m not going to sit back and tell you how you must feel when you hear the sound of a seat cracking.

Who am I to judge…

In-fact the only thing I consider myself to be an expert in is plumbing,.

I’ve been a plumber for over 30 years and have installed my fair share of toilet seats in those years.

What I can tell you is I see quite a few of my clients in tears. I see the results behind the doors.

The frustrations, sadness, anger, self-doubt, the embarrassment that is written on the faces.

I often think to myself if they are thinking about what I must be thinking.

Are they thinking and stewing on thoughts like His he judging me, does he think I am just a fat piece of shit, does he even know what it feels like to fat and be judged for your entire life, who is he to judge me.

I’m not going to lie, it does hurt. I saw my mom’s sister go through the same emotional roller coaster.

At first, they all start off as customers, but over time most become more than that and that is when it hurts to see good folks at there mercy like that.

I’ve had both men and women burst into tears and lay their entire life story on me.

I put it all down to working themselves up so much inside of the embarrassment resulting in low self-esteem, not sure.

I don’t judge and never will.

We all have our own demons.

But what I will tell you there is a solution.

Over the past year with a few of those who dared to volunteer.

We’ve been trying and testing a range of heavy-duty toilet seats and I think we have finally found a winner.



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Best Heavy Duty Toilet Seat For A Obese Person

If you are looking for a strong heavy duty toilet seat that has proven it’s self over time to be the best then you need to take a look at Big John Toilet Seats.

Not only are they ADA approved there also made in the USA.

Tough strong toilet seat you will notice the quality and strength as soon as you unwrap the seat out of the box.

If your like me and broken a few seats over the years rest assured this heavy-duty extra large toilet seat will provide the confidence back in your throne.

Big John  6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover features a nice contoured 19-inch wide sitting surface that is durable, easy to install, comfortable, and accommodating.

Strong as an ox with an 800-pound rating the toilet seat, cover, and hinges are injection-molded with high-impact, stain, and chemically resistant ABS plastic.

Engineered tough for long-lasting durability it won’t find another seat in the same class as Big John toilet seat.

The three main reasons why Big John’s are the best toilet seat for a heavy person

Not made from cheap rubbish like other so-called other heavy-duty toilet seat, you will get a high-quality strong toilet seat best seat for fat people.

The seat itself has a 2″ lift and is one of the best comfortable seats in the home.

The seat is very easy to install and comes with everything you for the install. All you need is a wrench or pliers and around half hr of your time.

The seat is suitable for anyone but more designed for larger plus-size people as well as the elderly and physically challenged.

Will fit round or elongated toilets and have non-slip rubber stabilizing bumpers to prevent any movement and slipping.

Well, I hope we have answered some of your questions and thanks for checking us out.

If you’re a heavy or plus size person and sick and tired of busting toilet seats than the best thing to do is grab a Big John toilet seat


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