Medical Toilet Seat Riser

Medical Toilet Seat RiserWhen looking for a raised toilet seat for the home there are quite a few to choose from.

One that we have found that has proven over time is the drive medical toilet seat riser.

Probably one of the hardest things to know is which one you will need, especially if this the first time you are buying a raised seat before.

With a huge range of different options to choose from such as raised toilet seats with removable arms to just plain jane portable raised toilet seat.

Setting them up is pretty easy too once you have the right seat you want for your needs and after that, we will run through how easy they are to install.

So Many Seats Which Medical Toilet Seat Riser Is Best For You?

Choosing- The 1st thing that you will need to do is choose is a toilet seat. Now you already no these toilet seats are different from a standard seat that’s on most toilets. You are looking for a drive medical toilet seat.

Ideas on a seat- The most common seat that you will see is the Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser With Removable Arms.

They have a 3.5-inch lift and removable arms but they also come in other shapes and sizes from 2-inch lift even up to 6-inch lift. With or without handles is also an option.

You can also get seats with a fold down lid or plain portable raised seat that sits on the rim of the toilet. Depending on which one you need or want will determent the style and price of the seat you get

Installing- Now installing your new medical toilet seat once you have purchased it can be simple depending which model you get.

The majority of there seats are tool-free friendly which makes it easier but there are a couple that needs tools so when choosing make sure you can take that into account of being a tool-free install.

drive medical toilet seat riser

Keeping It Clean- Cleaning your new medical toilet seat is easy as.

Just like your older style plastic seats are your new one is made much the same from heavy duty molded plastic.

Some people use hot soapy water where others use a disinfectant. Either way is ok and you may use other things as well. Just remember as long as what you use you don’t use any abrasive pads.


Know you have a bit more of an idea about medical raised toilet seats and just a touch of what they have in relation to your needs for a toilet seat.

You can see they are easy to install and will suit most standard toilet rims.

All of the above is the easy part hardest part is for you to pick one. If you are in the hunt for one and looking around then make sure you check out here for more information about drive medical toilet seat.

Note: Due to unforeseen reasons the Medical toilet seat riser is no longer available on…

We have found a replacement which I think is just as good if not better.

Click on the button below to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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