Is The Toto S300e Bidet Washlet The Best Seat For You

Hi and welcome to this review on the TOTO WASHLET S200e Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat if you are on the search for a fantastic bidet seat then read this review and find out the weather this is the right choice for you.

The TOTO SW573#01 S300e WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat gives you a seat that fits all modern decor, has all the latest features and screams elegance. If you want a bidet seat that is specifically designed to help maximize overall satisfaction by offering the most advanced and exclusive features in addition to the traditional WASHLET functions this may be the right choice for you.

This review will show you through some of the features that you get with the toto s300e, You will also find out what people have said and mentioned that is good and bad about this product that has purchased from Amazon and you’ll also receive recommendations on other choices.

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If you landed on this page by accident and not sure which seat will be suited for you, we recommend checking out our top pick to help you out and go from there. The toto c100 washlet is by far toto’s best selling bidet seat and top choice also it is Amazon’s top-selling seat to.

Here Are The Main Features Of The Toto S300e

  • Front and rear warm water cleanse with five adjustable temperature and pressure settings
  • EWATER+ is a safe and powerful compound that cleans the wand and toilet bowl after every use
  • Tankless, instantaneous water heating means never running out of warm water
  • Designed with adjustable heated seat, warm air dryer, and automatic air deodorizer for added comfort
  • PREMIST- using incoming water supply, a misting of the toilet bowl is performed before each use to help prevent waste from adhering

My Review On The TOTO S300e WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

toto washlet s300e seat with remoteThe TOTO S300e bidet seat comes with a front and rear warm water wash and you are able to adjust and control by changing the five adjustable settings that are programmed into the system.

You can change the temperature and water pressure settings to your own personal likes and desires.

With Toto revolutionary technology this washlet has a feature that electrolyzes the water. Research has shown that this technique works better than bleach and is much better for the environment.

It makes the water as it goes and doesn’t store in a tank. Electrolyzed water doesn’t store well.

The electrolyzed water is used to clean the cleansing wand and bowl after use to give you the ultimate hygiene protection.

Unlike the Toto C serious where they have a tank that is heated, the Toto S serious has the capability to make endless heated water with its instantaneous water heater and toto S300e is fitted with that same device.

When you first approach the seat to use a sensor is triggered which activates the premist technology, giving the inside of your toilet bowl a fine mist spray. What this does is coats the walls of the bowl this in its self then helps to make things slide past easy and not stick to the sidewalls of the bowl. In short, NO MORE SKID MARKS making your toilet much easier to clean as well.

The S300e is available in elongated or round versions.  The dimensions for the elongated seat are 20-3/4” long, 15-3/10” wide, and 3-15/16″ tall.  The dimensions for the round seat are 18-7/8” long, 15-3/10” wide, and 3-15/16” tall.

Toto Washlet S300e Dimensions



Who Should Buy The TOTO SW573#01 S300e WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

TOTO SW573#01 S300e WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet SeatIf you are looking for a bidet toilet seat that is elegant, has all the latest bells and whistles, is operated by remote control then this seat the Toto s300e should be added to your shortlist of preferred seats.

The Toto S serious bidet toilet seats are rated among the best on the market and you can see why.

Leading the technology with the premist technology to keep the bowl much cleaner, using electrolyzed water for the highest of grade hygiene and a seat that you can adjust the settings to your won likings then this is a fantastic choice.

Included in this serious is the time energy saver. If anything at all this technology is more advanced than any of their competitors, but they are slowly catching up though.

The energy-saving technology works by conserving the consumption of power when the toilet is at its lowest usage times.

If you have the energy save part switched on, you can have it to be set off if like, but when it is on it will start picking up on patterns of use.

It takes around 10 days for the system to fully kick in and work on the habits you feed it. Like if the home is empty from say 8 am to 5 pm, the energy saver smart function will take this all in and will go into hibernation through this time.

And of course you have the remote programmed to the day and date, so working out weekends, etc will already be set up hence why it takes around 10 days to form the habit for it to read. How is that for a bit of AI for the toilet.

During times of occasional use, the Toto Washlet S300e will lower the toilet seat temperature to save energy.

Customer Opinion & Reviews Of The TOTO S300e Washlet

toto s300e washletLooking at the customer opinions and reviews left on Amazon about the Toto S300e are very positive and are one of Amazon’s popular bidet seats on offer that are selling. At the time of writing this review, there were over 270 reviews left by people who have purchased this specific seat.

Out of all those reviews, 80% of them are positive given either 4 or 5-star rating with an average of 4.2 ratings.

Since we offer unbiased reviews lets take a look at the downside of this seat.

15% of all the reviews left are 2-star or below. Here is what Stefano had to say about his seat.

 I bought this washlet in September 2015. It worked well and it is a pleasure to have a warm seat and the washer. After two years, it started to make a high pitch noise/buzz almost all the time. You can hear in the attached video. In reality, it is much more bothering. Click Here To Read More

With millions of these seats sold worldwide and only a handfull return a negative review, we don’t think you should worry about a few bad ones. Overall this is a fantastic product and we don’t think you will have any worries about buying the toto washlet s300e with remote and premist function.

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