TOTO A100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat Review

Before we get too far in this review I want to tell you who this seat isn’t for. If you’re looking for a seat with an air-dryer and not wanting to drip dry or dry off with toilet paper… then this seat isn’t for you.

The Toto Washlet A100 DOES NOT have an air-dryer



  • Heated Seat perfect for those colds nights
  • Soft closing lid to protect young fingers or accidental lid slamming
  • Heated warm water so their is no shock to the system on the initial spray
  • Convienent side panel for ease operations
  • Good value when on a sale


  • Tank reservoir is small and can run out especially in the colder months where bit more water is used.
  • Doesn’t have an air-dryer so you will need to finish off with toilet paper for complete dryness.
  • Doesn’t replace the fact you will need toilet paper to finish the clean-up

The Toto A100 washlet is despite being Toto’s entry-level in the electric seat range, it’s still pretty impressed with the main features you do get.

With all the main key functions, heated seat, warm water cleanse and a convenient arm panel putting all the controls at your fingertips, and with an impressive positive review rating, the Toto A100 is certainly worth a good look in

Key Features of Toto Washlet A100

Toto has been in the know and making bidets and seats for over 100 years and just cause the A100 is their entry-level seat, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t rate well.

The A100 washlet provides comfortable warm water that is adjustable to get the perfect warmth for any time of the year cleanse

With just a touch of the button from the armrest control panel, the seat will go into cleanse mode giving you a cleanse set your own desired temperature.

You’ll still need to follow up with toilet paper to dry off as the A100 doesn’t have air-dry facilities after the cleansing.

So to speed things up unless you want to sit there and drip dry, toilet paper is still required… just not as much as before.

The seat only comes as elongated and measures 23.5 x 20.5 x 9 inches. If your not sure if you need an elongated or round seat you can just follow this guide on where to measure to make sure you get the right seat.

The seat only comes in cotton white color which is the standard color across the board 

Having a temperature controlled toilet seat is perfect for those cold winter trips. Just adjust the temperature to a setting that you’re happy with and in the summer months just turn it down or off.

With its new sleek slimline control panel, controlling all the functions of the seat is at your fingertip. Just push the right button when the time is needed then let the seat do the rest for you.

I like the idea of having the control mounted to the seat over having wireless remote.

But there are always pros and cons of the two.

I reckon the control panel is ideal for those with limited mobility and for those with arthritis you already know what it’s like to grip those small remote controls.

Here is a list of the top features TOTO A100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Elongated heated seat with temperature control
  • New streamlined control panel with button control for all functions
  • Gentle aerated, warm water, dual-action spray with oscillating feature
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Adjustable water temperature and volume

Toto Washlet A100 Installation

Installation is rated very easy and the toilet seat comes with all parts for the install.

One feature I like is the quick release system that it has. Makes installing so much quicker and for cleaning the quick release system comes in its own then. Just a touch of a button and it’s off.

It makes everything simpler to clean even those tight little spaces where it was a pain to clean on other toilet seats.

The controller runs on 2 AA batteries that you will have to supply yourself. It’s recommended by the manufacturer to use alkaline batteries.


The Toto A100 is a stylish sleek-looking seat designed to suit modern bathroom decors. Its high tech technology is innovated and world-leading to provide you with the ultimate in personal comfort and enhanced cleanliness.

Its one sure way to upgrade your bathroom with its latest cutting edge looks and technology. No more slamming of the lid or seat either with its soft closing lid and seat feature build in.


The Toto Washlet A100 is well priced for what the seat is. There are other seats on the market for around the same pricing, some lower and others higher.

Some will have more features, so you can say there is no one fits all.


Here’s what others are saying

Most who have used and purchased this seat love how easy and simple it is to install… the heated seat is a blessing – especially in the cold winter months.

The control arm panel is well laid out and easy use, altho its an arm panel don’t apply a lot of force or use it as a rest to help stand up. It’s not that strong.

There have been issues with the water connection and the tee fitting supplied. This seems to a bit of a problem across the entire range of Toto’s seats.

Another thing to think about is this seat doesn’t have an air-dryer so after the cleanse you either have to wipe dry or hang and drip dry.

This seems to be a big deal. Most of the reviews I’ve seen would have not purchased because of not having an air-dryer and would have selected the next model.

In saying that not everyone cares for it but it does seem to be the biggest downfall of this seat

Overall most say that its a good starter seat and has great positive reviews

How Does It Compare?

Toto Washlet C100

The Toto washlet c100 is the next model seat up from the A100 and is almost identical. What separates the two is the C100 has:

  • Air-dryer
  • Premist spray
  • Air deodorizer to help with unwanted odors left behind.

C100 comes standard with a warm air-dryer to further reduce the usage of toilet paper to dry off after the cleansing has finished.

The premist function lets out a fine mist spray of water, coating the toilet bowl every time before each use. This spray helps to reduce marks and solids from sticking to the inside of the bowl, making cleaning much easier too.

We all know not every time we smell like roses, well according to my wife anyhow, so the Toto have included in all their seats apart from the A100 an air deodorizer to help rid of unwanted odors


  • Pre-mist function
  • Warm air-dryer
  • Deoderizer
  • Easy to install


  • Water fitting has a tendency to leak from the T that is supplied.
  • Arm control panel sits back to far making uncomfortable to operate.

Toto Washlet C200

You almost say that the Toto Washlet C200 is the exact same as the C100 with the only difference is the remote control and pulsating cleanse.

The C200 has a remote and not the arm control making it much easier to operate in small rooms or those with limited mobility.

The remote stores the setting you set for your personalized water cleansing setting for 2 users.

Available in both elongated and round in cotton white or sedona beige to match most modern decor’s


  • Wireless remote control programmable for 2 user settings
  • Heated seat with slow closing lid to stop lid slamming
  • Warm air-dryer to finish off the warm water cleanse experience


  • Water connecting isn’t the best and can leak, many are needing a extension/conversion kit for standard installation at an added extra cost of course.

Bio Bidet BB-600

If you’re interested in a bidet seat around the same price as the Toto A100 and not so impressed with the Toto A100, Bio Bidet BB-600 might be worth a look at.

The seat has all the key functions and features you’ll expect from a luxury seat.

Available in both round and elongated to suit most standard American toilets but only comes in just white color


  • Heated seat
  • Slow closing lid
  • Warm air-dryer
  • Heated water reservoir
  • Fixed arm control


  • Only available in white color
  • Not suited if got limited right side movement due to the fixed control arm is mounted on the right side.



The Toto washlet A100 bidet seat is a great number with entry-level features. Not having the air-dryer is a bit of a letdown and something to consider and think about.

It’s simple to use and install just remember there have been problems in the past with the water T connector part.

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