Bio Bidet Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat Review

Bio Bidet Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat Overview

Bio Bidet Slim ZeroIn this post, we’re going to be looking at the Bio Bidet Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat that is designed for elongated toilets.

This non-electric bidet seat has become one of the most popular seats in the non-electronic side and you’re about to find out why.

We are going to look at the features of this seat, the customer reviews and opinions and an overview of what those who have purchased this product have to say.

Not only that we will also tell you alternatives to this seat so you can make a better buying decision when the time comes.

We will point you in the right direction to purchase from so when you do purchase your new seat you get a nice smooth easy transaction with fast delivery and the lowest possible price with any bonus offers if available.

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Main Features of Bio Bidet Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat

Below are some of the features that you will get with this seat

  • Compact Design

Unlike other bidet seats on the market, bio bidet is leading by example when it comes to compact and slimline.

Compared to most of the brand names you know of, this seat is only 4 inches in height at the back, which is always the thickest part in any seat.

This compactness makes the bidet look like a normal standard toilet seat but with more functions.

  • Retractable Dual Nozzle

Running with the dual nozzle system the Bio Bidet Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat offers its users a total cleansing solution for the complete family.

Delivering a full-on robust spray the universal posterior wash will suit just about anyone who uses it regardless of age and gender.

The retractable nozzles help improve hygiene and make them kid-friendly if you know what I mean.

The alternate feminine wash can be used by those who prefer a softer cleanse.

  • Battery Powered Night Light

No electrical power is required for this at all apart from 2 AA batteries for the night light. The light has two brightness levels that you can adjust to suit your own night light needs.

Easy to install the batteries, they have there owned little hanger just before where the lid and seat pivot from making this a handy little feature for those late-night trips to the loo.

  • Easy To Install

Installing these seats is made simple and easy. Comes with all parts needed for 98% of installs and all you need is say half hr of your time and some basic hand tools.

Side Note: Do check your toilet as these seats only suited for the elongated style toilets


  • Easy to install and comes with Bidet Seat, Instructions, Installation Hardware.
  • Sleek and compact design to suit any modern decor
  • A strong solid lid to protect the seat from any mishaps
  • Made from the highest quality materials available with the best costing.


  • Only comes in elongated and white in color
  • Can’t adjust the spay angels or pressure.

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Verdict on the Bio Bidet Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat

The bio bidet slim non-electric is a great seat for those who are looking at wanting to try out the bidet feature and not looking to pay a small fortune for the experience.

For the price at least you get yourself a decent seat regardless if after use you still rather wipe than wash.

If you are looking at a good priced electric seat we’ve got this article on the best bidet toilet seats of 2024.

Our overall best choice is the bio bidet bb 2000. It’s well priced and has most features you require, its even ranked as our best bidet toilet seat with warm water and air dryer.

Bio Bidet Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat lowest price