Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat

While there are many great elevated toilet seats out there on the market Yunga Tart has to one of the most popular and recognized names in the space. No other brand has ranked for being the best seat for those going through hip replacements or just needs a no-frills simple toiler raiser.

In this article, you will find out everything about this elevated toilet seat and see if its a good fit for you and your requirements.

Yunga Tart elevated toilet seats are is designed to be a portable seat riser for those who need mobility seat, has a weight capacity of around 275 pounds and is very lightweight.

It will sit on your existing toilet bowl regardless of it being round or elongated toilet bowls.

Well, you’re in the right place. We will tell you what to expect from this portable raised toilet seat.

Give you a full overview of the features, what customers who have purchased there views and openings.

More importantly, tell you where to get yours from at the best price.

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Here is an overview of the features of this elevated toilet seat:

  • Raises toilet seat height 4-3/4″, sits directly on the toilet with the seat raised
  • Portable, Fits Round, Elongated and Compact Elongated Toilets
  • Seamless edges, easy to clean
  • Front and back recess for easy reach in, Four non-skid pads on the bottom
  • Made in the USA, Contoured with a wider surface for more comfort and stability

This portable raised toilet seat is made from a tough plastic that apparently has been blown into a mold…the seat is hollow, lightweight, white, no holes so very easy to clean or sterilize in a sink or tub

You can use these elevated toilet seats are very universal for use in any home, RV or even on your travels around the world. They are designed to be used anywhere where a  regular toilet seat is installed and made to leave the existing toilet seat in place. Just lift it up and place your portable raised toilet seat down.

Removal is just as easy as using it. Just pick it up off the toilet rim and place to the side then have a standard toilet back pretty simple stuff.

The seat itself is not padded but in saying that neither is a standard toilet seat.

There are extras like buying a soft pad for it if you are that way inclined and needing that bit more comfort.

Once you have installed your elevated toilet seat it will feel strange to use at first, just purely for the seat height has been raised by 4 inches.

For some, they have purchased this elevated toilet seat just for the whole camping scene and using it on a 5 gal drum for a bit of bush luxury convenience.

The Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat is so portable and lightweight you can even take it with you anywhere you travel even when using hotel rooms the RV or that luxury ocean cruise.

Main Features Of The Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat:

Here are the main features of the Yuga Tart elevated toilet seat


Easy to install and will fit most standard toilets. Very stable as there are 2 attached rubber pads on the bottom side, one on each side, that sits on the toilet rim and has a stabilizing flange that fits inside the bowl


You will get a portable toilet seat that has a rise of 4-3/4 inches that works well on most toilets from round to elongated and travels well also

Easy To Clean:

This raised toilet seat is easy to keep clean and maintain. Same as a normal toilet seat by using bathroom cleaning products just nothing to coarse and abrasive. The mild disinfectant will be ok or just hot water under the tap.

Who Is This For?

The Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat is an excellent choice for a  portable raised toilet seat that is ideal for hip replacements, knee replacements and for those who just want that bit more height.

If you having or had surgery on the hips or around that area you will love these seats. Ideal for tall people men and women bottom line this is a great product with attention to detail.

It has cutouts for your hands to clean yourself and is an extremely sturdy seat that wipes clean in a breeze.

If you prefer a seat with handles the Vive Toilet Seat Riser is a great alternative with Handles.

Customer Opinion:

The customer opinion of the Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat is very good and you will see that it has mainly 4 to 5-star feedback.

The pros are lightweight and portable but with stability and the downside is that some people said that it didn’t fit their toilet base quite well.

Our opinion is this is a great choice and you will love it – if you want a great portable, very well priced and easily raised toilet seat then check out the Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat.

Where To Buy?

To get the best price on your Yunga seat elevator you can purchase it by tapping on the image below or through any of the links on this site. One of the best features of this elevated toilet seat is that it’s easy to clean, lightweight and practical for all users and that is why its a very popular choice for those with knee and hip replacements.

For this reason, when you shop for Yunga Tart products through our site you can rest assured that you are receiving an unmatched value for one of the best-raised toilet seats currently on the market.

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