Which Of The Luxe Bidet Neo Attachments Is Best For You?

luxe bidet neo 320

luxe bidet neo 320The luxe bidet neo 320 features the option to be connected to a warm water source if there is any available close by allowing you to have the option to adjust the water cleansing temperature.

Having the option to use warm water in the cold winter months is bliss.

Maintaining high hygiene is a must which is another feature I like about this product is that it has a self-cleaning nozzle. It’s not automatic and it is a great feature for maintaining higher hygiene and its just a simple turn of the knob.

The sleek-looking design will suit any bathroom decor and available in both white or blue.


luxe bidet neo 185

luxe bidet neo 185The Luxe bidet neo 185 doesn’t have the hot water connection making it just ambient temperature cleanse which kinda sucks if you get cold winters.

Apart from not having the hot water connection the only other difference between this one and the neo 320 is it uses knobs over levers.

I like the fact that the levers are slightly bigger and making it easier to grip and use.

Backed by Luxe’s warranty you get 18 months hassle-free peace of mind and they’re only a phone call away.

The attachment its self is 2 pieces and is designed to fit and compatible with every toilet.

The dual nozzle provides both feminine and posterior washes and with just a turn of the knob to control the water pressure that best suits your comfort level.


luxe bidet neo 180

luxe bidet neo 180The Luxe neo 180 has the exact same features as the neo 185 and the only difference is the 185 uses a knob while this one uses the lever for the main controller adjustments.

Available in both blue or white and pretty much all I can tell you as there is bugger all differences between them all.

The neo 110 is pretty much the standout difference with only having a single knob/lever was the wash part to control the pressure of the stream.


luxe bidet neo 120

luxe bidet neo 120The Luxe neo 120 is the next step up from the 110 by having dual nozzles for a posterior or feminine wash. Cold water only there isn’t really no differences between them all.

If you want one that allows warm water cleanse, the only option is the neo 385 or for little more one of these bad boys.

It’s a big step up from the attachments going to a bidet seat but there are far more advantages. Of course, the cost short term is the main disadvantage.

What I like about the bidet seats is the comfort of a heated seat in the colder months of the year, and you have the options of warm water cleanses, warm air-dryer to eliminate further use of toilet paper.


luxe bidet neo 110

luxe bidet neo 110The Luxe Neo 110 is just your plain as day basic bidet seat attachment that gives you a posterior wash using fresh water straight from the water line that connects and fills the tank.

Simplest to use, just turn the only knob from the off position to the pressure you desire for the cleanse.

Comes in a kit with all the parts for a standard installation altho there are reports of the T piece leaking across all the models.

What I like and think is a must is the self-cleaning nozzle function to help maintain a higher level of hygiene, unfortunately, the neo 110 doesn’t have this feature.

The attachment will fit most standard toilets and for the price, you can’t really go wrong.

How Do They Compare

Bio Bidet Slimedge attachment

Bio Bidet Slimedge attachmentThe Bio Bidet Slimedge is another attachment similar to the Luxe bidet range with its easy to use and installation.

Will install to most toilets and comes in a kit form with all the parts needed for standard installation.

Has a dual nozzle spray feature to suit both him and her.

The slimedge is around 50% thinner than other brands use a metal reinforcement internal frame making it a stronger frame than most other similars.

Another good feature about this product is the easy to grip knob making adjustments easier with limited hand movement.

GenieBidet Attachment

GenieBidet Toilet AttachmentThe Geniebidet attachment is another great product that’s worth a mention.

Made in the USA using standard parts and materials that fit US and Canada standard plumbing fittings.

Connects using the water line that connects to your toilet tank so the downside is can’t use heated water just the cold water line. Great if you live in the tropics.

Separate nozzles, one for posterior wash and other for the ladies.

If you’ve got a:

  • 1 piece french curve toilet
  • ¬†Mansfield 134-160 elongated toilet
  • Kohler, Santa Rosa
  • these attachments won’t fit these toilets, so make sure before you purchase


All of the attachments mentioned here will do you well. With very little separating them as having just about all the same features.

If you want an attachment that can use hot water the only choice you’ve got is the Neo 320. All the others aren’t designed for warm water connections.

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